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Nevada State Board of Architecture,
Interior Design, Residential Design

This page is dedicated as an on-going information resource, both locally and globally, covering design topics, construction information and local community causes we support.
Town Of Truckee Building Department

City of San Francisco Building Department

Placer County Building Services

Carmel By The Sea Building Department
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency 
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Gallien Engineering, Inc

BBC, Design Rules
BBC Design Rules, a popular television series that educates, enlightens and entertains while teaching the basic fundamentals of design's tv worth watching.
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Keep Squaw True

Sierra Watch
The DG Foundation

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New development proposals for a series of highrise condo / hotels and an indoor amusement park risk everything we love about Squaw Valley and the Tahoe Sierra

Impending development proposals are raising big questions about the future of Squaw Valley.

The dg Foundation is dedicated to helping students by providing scholarships to the world-class education at San Domenico, Marin Catholic High School and University of Miami.