Past & Current Projects|

 All of the projects listed here have their own story. Most were heavily burdened with limitations by coverage restrictions, zoning ordinances and structural (old to new) limitations. We worked hard to meet these challenges by embracing new school technologies, proven design methodologies and applying an old school work ethic. 
Our thoughts on homes|

We feel that homes are not intended to separate us from our environment but to allow for a more comfortable connection to it and our designs reflect this. The simple things such as natural light sources, dedicated interior spaces for groups and individuals, appropriate material selections, proper proportions both in interior and exterior spaces are meticulously thought through in every design. 

What We've Done 

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Photos courtesy of Studio B6, The Rodman Company, Monica Berger and Beaumont Interiors 
Our thoughts on Remodels|

Remodels, Renovations and additions are our specialty. Over the years we have become best known for taking on projects other design groups shy away from. While other companies may view them as a lost cause, we not only find ways to "make it work" we find ways to make it work within scheduling, agency and budget constraints. 

new construction/sustainalble
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before and after's
Before and after's| 

A simple, fun look at projects before and after.

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